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(in a physical place) The Participants in a physical assessment center undergo several activities such as role-playing, group discussions, behavioural interviews, and business case presentations. Meanwhile, experienced assessors observe and evaluate the participants based on their demonstrative behaviour.


The Online assessment development center is the online version of a traditional assessment center. It allows a holistic candidate evaluation without compromising the quality and standard set by physical assessment centers. It accommodate a range of traditional tools used in assessment centers in a simulated virtual environment.


A blended assessment center method is an innovative hybrid approach that combines the best features of traditional and virtual assessment centers. It elevates the design of a traditional assessment center by combining conventional offline activities with online assessment center exercises. Resultantly, there is room for a comprehensive blended approach that supports multiple styles of learning and learners.

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The assessment center determines the current level of competence of the company’s employees and compares this with the standard of competence`s level required (for each position within the organization). The difference between the current level of competencies and that desired is helping in determining training needs. Rather than assuming that all employees require a specific training programme.

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The Assessment and Development Center is used in many initiatives such as training needs analysis, identifying high-potential (HIPO) employees, assessing and developing leaders and succession planning. It also helps identify career strengths and challenges.

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