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Depression Healing (Feel Happy within 7 days) We have designed this healing program or depression and how to be happy …

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Depression Healing (Feel Happy within 7 days)

We have designed this healing program or depression and how to be happy by the ancient and the fast way. The healing exercises and techniques ,we are using in this depression healing program may help you feel inner peace. you will get  rid of his negative feelings,depression, sadness, bad memories .   The healing program combined between linguistic programming techniques and psychological freedom techniques. It’s also included the psychotherapy techniques in the ancient Egyptian,Indian and Chinese way .  

Why We Do this?

Ten years ago a very big company in the #GCC asked us to design and conduct a #healing program. this program for depression and work stress for their employees.   The employees were suffering from stress and depression So we searched for a quick and effective techniques to help them we had found a fantastic technique which helped them getting rid of all negative feelings within 7 days . This technique called MECA therapy . so After 3 months we went to the same company to measure the effect and the impact of the employees We were very happy with the results. Its like a magic

How to erase bad memories?

In CXA we use AILA mental techniques to erase the bad memories from your subconscious. So you need almost 3 days to erase all you bad memories  join us now.

You don't have to talk about it !

we will teach you how to delete your bad memories from your subconscious , so that you can feel amazing after the session and without talking to any body about your bad memories.

How to get rid of Anxiety and stress?

In CXA we use an amazing sessions of hypnosis ,which help almost all of our customers getting rid of their anxiety and stress (depression) within 10 days . we have designed this hypnosis to help our customers feeling calm and inner-peace immediately and this feeling will be increase day by day.  

how many days do I need to feel peace?

you are going to need 7 days only to feel Good and that feeling will increases day by day to feel a full happy after 40 day.  

After the Healing program you will :

  1. get rid of sadness and depression feelings by MECA therapy.
  2. get rid of thoughts of sadness and tension by Hypnosis .
  3. Eliminate anxiety and stress.
  4. learn how to instant comfort fast.
  5. Relief of Fear .
  6. Get rid of negative subconscious programming.
  7. Get rid of negative memories.
  8. Get rid of a failed love story.
  9. Get rid of the feelings of sadness over the dead.
  10. learn how to live A happy life.
  11. Get rid of physical pain unrelated to an illness.
  12. Prepare your body for positive energy.
  13. how to love your self.

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