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Corporate Courses

Hello ,training manager

this page is for you and your team , all you have to do is to choose the courses which your team needs and add them to your chart , then send us an E-mail to Nino@cxconsult,org .asking for a phone call .after that We will contact you to determine all other details like the number of employees who will attend ,place ,time and the training needs analysis.

Steps to book a course for your team:

  1. Register a member in this site.
  2. Select the courses for your employees.
  3. Reserve the number of seats.
  4. Get price and make payment.
  5. Add members and track performance.

Selling Skills Courses For employees :

Sales Coaching Sessions :

Courses For Leaders

Soft Skills Courses For employees

Planning Courses For employees

Microsoft Office Courses For employees


CX Academy is a training provider At CX, we believe that a significant, long-term change starts with people. To move organizations, we start by aligning, enabling and empowering people.

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