Conceptual Selling Coaching



Turn managers into coaches to reinforce Conceptual Selling.

Conceptual Selling Coaching sales management training outlines a comprehensive strategy for sales leaders to provide ongoing coaching to help sellers prepare for meetings, lead customer-centric conversations and conduct thorough research with the Meeting Planner from Conceptual Selling.

By giving sales leaders the sales coaching tools they need to guide and coach sellers through customer interactions, Conceptual Selling Coaching helps sales organizations maximize individual and team coaching opportunities, continuously improving the value of buyer-seller interactions.

Benefits of Conceptual Selling Coaching

Improve Understanding of Methodology

Sales leaders can coach sellers to gain a deeper understanding of the program takeaways and processes covered in Conceptual Selling.

Boost Use of Green Sheets

Ensure sellers are correctly and consistently using Green Sheets to plan meeting objectives and engage with buyers.

Help Sellers Prepare for New Opportunities

Coach sellers on their meeting strategies to support the pursuit of new sales opportunities, increasing the likelihood of closed deals.

Mentor Sellers

Sales leaders can mentor sellers on how to use sales technology and sales methodology to move deals forward, and make the most of their Conceptual Selling training.


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