Retail Banking III


retail Banking III develops and enhances the skills and capabilities required to lead retail banking strategic business units (SBUs) for sustainable profitability and within the context of the transformation in retail banking.
Leading a bank successfully through digital transition requires customer focus and a strategic skill set. Candidates are equipped with the skills and tools to develop and execute business strategy efficiently with effective communication strategies to build employee engagement and alignment, and under a governance structure that serves all stakeholder interests and fulfills the bank’s prudential responsibility for
sustainable profitability.
Upon completion, Candidates gain an in-depth understanding of the leadership and decision-making skills required for a role in executive management and how to maintain principled leadership in retail banking during periods of dynamic change.



To develop and strengthen the capabilities required to lead retail banking strategic business units (SBUs) during periods of dynamic change, with a laser focus on the client


Candidates are able to:
• Identify the qualities that define principled leadership in retail banking to build and maintain a values-based bank culture.
• Identify threats and opportunities for the retail bank by evaluating the tides of change in retail banking and through the analysis of strategic market research.
• Enhance brand values and attract customers with effective marketing while understanding how to create a credible digital innovation and transformation narrative in retail banking for Millennials.
• Evaluate digital strategies to provide a seamless and consistent customer journey on the bank’s network of channels.
• Conduct business within regulatory constraints to manage risk.
• Understand the role of corporate governance instruments in monitoring the actions of senior management and ensure that the bank’s activities are consistent with the business strategy, risk profile and policies approved by the board


• Retail banking leaders
• Retail bankers who are preparing for leadership positions
• Heads of cross-functional departments
• Managers of people or functions


1 Digital Marketing
2 Product Portfolio
3 SME Lending
4 People Management
5 Customer Care
6 Performance
7 Wealth Management
8 Balance Sheet
9 Risk Management
10 Financial Management


In Class and Online

+ Textbook

DURATION :65 -80 hours

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