Retail Banking II


Retail Banking II focuses on the competencies required to build and manage high-performing, cross-functional, agile teams in support of the transformation in retail banking.
Candidates are equipped with the tools to optimize the bank’s service culture and drive process improvements, implement management information systems with key performance indicators to maximize performance, and grow and retain the right people for a competitive and sustainable advantage.
Upon completion, Candidates have the skills to manage the convergence of roles in silo functions that enables a customer-centric culture and builds a sustainable and profitable retail banking business.



Manage high-performing teams to strengthen a customer-centric culture and support a sustainable and profitable retail banking business


Candidates are able to:
• Develop a digital marketing strategy to understand how a data-led approach can identify and meet customer expectations.
• Identify, evaluate and apply relevant market-related data to analyse the needs of customer segments and outline appropriate products to meet those needs.
• Understand and compare different types of innovative consumer lending products, such as marketplace lending.
• Analyse how effective people management can affect the bank’s profitability through actions that promote employee engagement, knowledge management and relational capital.
• Link appropriate Key Performance Indicators with the bank’s strategic objective of customer care.
• Create balanced scorecards and dashboards that can be used to evaluate branch performance.
• Understand and explain typical risks in retail banking as defined by Basel core principles.
• Explain the meaning and significance of the main entries in the retail bank’s
income statements, balance sheets and loan book


  • Branch Managers
    • Managers of people or functions
    • Heads of cross-functional departments
    • Retail Bankers on a senior management track


Continue your learning journey and progress your career by entering onto the next level of the Certified Retail Banker (CRB) curriculum.
Retail Banking III is the third level of the CRB curriculum which focuses on developing and strengthening the capabilities required to lead retail banking strategic business units (SBUs) during periods of dynamic change, with a laser focus on the client.


1 Digital Marketing
2 Product Portfolio Management
3 SME Lending
4 People Management
5 Customer Care
6 Performance Management
7 Wealth Management
8 Balance Sheet Management
9 Risk Management
10 Financial Management


In Class and Online

+ Textbook

DURATION :65 -80 hours

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