A Certified Retail Banker will be able to:

•   understand customer psychology and build enduring and profitable relationships with customers.

•   deliver customer solutions that improve customer outcomes and customer trust.

•   analyze product profitability in order to focus on optimal value creation.

•   assess and manage the bank’s risks.

•   have an understanding of key value drivers, KPIs and financial reports.

•   achieve real improvement at an operational level, improve results and achieve profitable growth.

Unique benefits of our programme:

•   Offers a flexible, convenient and scalable learning solution which can be aligned to meet your organization’s strategic business and learning objectives

•   Provides a common body of knowledge leading to improved communication,
faster learning and an agile organization

•   Allows for practical implementation

•   Provides the tools to improve overall employee engagement

•   Provides a talent management and succession planning tool that equips your future leaders with the knowledge and skills to take your business forward.

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