Conceptual Selling


Don’t leave customer interactions to chance.

Your sales team’s ability to gain a competitive edge in the marketplace hinges on sellers’ interactions with customers. Conceptual Selling helps sellers prepare for meetings with buyers, whether planned or impromptu.

Sales success requires both a sales process and plan for customer interactions. Conceptual Selling focuses on customer-eccentric conversations, building on the strategic analysis covered in Strategic Selling with Perspective. As a result, sellers learn how to carefully assess buyer needs, avoiding misalignment between what customers want and what sellers are presenting.

This sales training program provides a simple, repeatable structure essential for anyone who interacts with customers.

Benefits of Conceptual Selling Sales Training.

Prepare for Sales Conversations

Plan ahead and conduct thorough research, adding discipline to customer meetings that are client focused and results oriented.

Align Buyer and Seller Objectives

Both you and your customers have goals. Align seller objectives with buyer needs to keep everyone on the same page.

Run the Meeting

Use our Green Sheet to organize and develop a detailed meeting plan to engage customers and build win-win outcomes.

Ensure Productive Use of Time

Move opportunities forward by asking the right questions and planning ahead to ensure productive use of time.


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