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Professional Selling Skills



Discover and deliver the solutions that solve customer needs.

Professional Selling Skills helps sellers effectively discover and address customer needs, improving in-the-moment interactions with buyers. Developing the selling skills that have benefited millions of sales professionals around the world, Professional Selling Skills builds a seller’s ability to lead mutually beneficial sales conversations with any customer, any time.

Professional Selling Skills is a research-based sales training program designed for every seller — regardless of position or tenure. Highlighting the sales training sellers need to excel at quota attainment, new business development and account growth, this program hones and develops universal sales skills.

Benefits of Professional Selling Skills Sales Training

Own the Conversation

Learn key conversational skills, enabling sellers to engage customers and accurately identify buyer pain points, developing stronger buyer-seller relationships.

Ask the Right Questions

Use thoughtful questions to develop a clear understanding of buyer needs allowing for compelling, customer-centric interactions.

Resolve Customer Concerns

Recognize and resolve customer concerns, openly addressing any skepticism buyers have about your solutions or message.

Close the Deal

Practice and perfect the three-step process for securing customer commitment.



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