Strategic Selling Coaching



Expand adoption of Strategic Selling.

Strategic Selling Coaching arms sales leaders with the sales management tools they need to consistently coach sales teams on the proper application of Strategic Selling concepts. Moving one step beyond the sales training program, Strategic Selling Coaching teaches leaders how to conduct review sessions with team members to build on selling strengths and identify areas for improvement.

We partner sales leaders with a CX Academy sales coaching expert to cover everything from active use of Blue Sheets to the adoption and implementation of standard sales processes. Strategic Selling Coaching gives sales leaders new insight into methodology adoption and what they can do to improve future practices.


Benefits of Strategic Selling Coaching

Become a Program Expert

Sales leaders take a deeper dive into the Strategic Selling sales methodology and learn how to pass their knowledge on to sellers.

Provide Ongoing Seller Training

Managers and sales leaders provide constant sales coaching and reinforcement to sellers who are unsure of sales concepts and terminology.

Ensure Proper Program Applications

Partnered with Scout by CX Academy, Strategic Selling Coaching enables sales leaders to improve coaching opportunities.

Move Opportunities Through the Funnel

By consistently reinforcing Strategic Selling concepts, sales leaders can help their teams move key opportunities through the sales funnel.


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